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Are Pizza Chains Crushing Your Small Pizza Business? Fight Back With Direct Mail!

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If you are being squeezed out of your own market by those big pizza chains, it’s time you took matters into your own hands in order to beat them at their own game. The only thing those big guys have on you at the moment, is better advertising, and you can easily win that battle. Fight back with direct mail! While they are so busy adhering to corporate standards and selling $5 pizzas, you are going to saturate your own market with direct mail pizza menus, brand your name to generate visibility, give people better quality food, and finally, the battle will be over once and for all.

Observe Their Promotions – Beat Them at Their Own Game

One of the ways those pizza conglomerates stay so competitive is to feed off each other’s advertising campaigns. Notice how one chain advertised the first pizza at full price and the second at a flat rate that was less than half the price. The next thing that happened is, the other major players launched their own campaigns with slight variations of the ‘buy one – get one half off’ technique. Ever seen a “$10 Any Pizza” promo? Of course you have because they all copy each other! Make your own similar coupon but add value with better quality food and service!

Zero in on the Target – Win Back Your Market

By advertising with direct mail you can zero in on your targeted market with better discounts, coupons, freebies or whatever incentive you want to promote that is specific to your area. Professional printers can help you hone in on your market by providing you with maps which can be reduced to particular zip codes or even more precise neighborhoods within those zip codes. You know your people – their wants and needs. Satisfy those needs and you will own your market.

Advertising with a Local ‘Flavor’

Those big chains don’t know what is happening in your neighborhood, but you do. Run specials that coincide with special events in your market area. Perhaps the high school basketball team is in the playoffs, or it’s founder’s day in your town. Advertise specials and promotions for major local events. That’s something the big chains can’t possibly do on a national level, and that is the greatest opportunity you will have to win one over on them. Direct mail brings the word right to the doorstep of consumers in your market, and tells them that YOU have best pizza in town, at competitive prices, and that you will done everything possible to serve them well at all times.

So many small pizza businesses are overwhelmed at the thought of competing with the big chains. Don’t let them crush you, because you have something they just don’t have, great pizza. Get the word out with direct mail pizza menus that highlight your best selling (and most profitable) menu items. Go on the all out attack with coupons, discounts and special promotional items. And keep at it until you own your market. Most of the time direct mail pizza menus cost less than the price of a postage stamp! What is it worth to you, to take back your market area?

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What is a Direct Marketing Campaign?

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Direct Marketing is the act of selling to an intended market. An effective Direct Marketing campaign brings your brand closer to targeted customers and creates customer action, through email, telemarketing or direct mail for example. Here’s a short summary to give you an idea of what this type of campaign is :

1. Why Direct Marketing?

Some marketing avenues reach out to a wider audience, where you won’t just be targeting the audiences interested in your product / service. These campaigns usually come at a higher cost and can result in a low ROI for your business. The beauty of a direct marketing campaign is that it is targeted so you are reaching out to those who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

2. What Are the Advantages?

By using DM you can also build better relationships with your customers as you are serving them with information about products or services which are related to them and their needs. You are also addressing them directly by name, rather than a bulk mail out (for example), which is most likely to be deemed irrelevant & thus ignored by the recipient.

You will also build up customer profiles in your database – which may well lead to more sales in the future for other products / services and also creates a loyal customer as they know that you know them so you are more likely to be their first port of call in the future.

Another advantage of a direct marketing campaign is that the success of it is measurable. DM includes a ‘call to action’ – Let’s say that you send out 1,000 leaflets with a coupon to come in to your store and redeem it for a ‘buy one get one free’ deal, that coupon is your ‘call to action’. If you get 650 people come in and redeem their voucher then you have a 65% success rate on your campaign and from here you can work out your Return on Investment (ROI).
Direct marketing will give you the convenience of a low cost campaign which will deliver impressive results.

3. Who Will Be Your Customers in a Direct Marketing Campaign?

Databases of contacts are the key in a DM campaign. For instance if you are a car parts shop, you might invite customers to join your mailing list so that they can be informed of any upcoming sales in advance of the general public. By doing this you will create a database of customers who you can potentially contact in the future.

4. How Will The Customer Receive The Information?

In this day and age we have communication sources such as email and SMS, however some of the more simple methods such as letters & leaflets etc can still be just as effective. You can make your method of delivering your message as creative as you would like – if you are a perfume company you might like to send out a small imitation of your perfume box for instance, which a customer can unfold and read your offer on the inside. Or you can be as traditional as you like – a simple postcard with a personally addressed message and a photo of your product on it might be an idea.

With so many options and so many different target markets you have a whole range of ideas to explore. There are many marketing companies who can help you with a direct marketing campaign which will be creative and most of all effective.

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Direct Marketing Essentials – Create Better Mailings With Copywriting That Sells!

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But whatever you’re trying to promote or sell, you’ll need to tell compelling stories that grab attention and connect with people so that they’ll respond in the way you want. Writing good, clear concise copy that effectively persuades readers to take some sort of action requires significant skill, time and attention to detail.

So if your up for the writing challenge, I have included 12 Wonder Words which copywriters use to turn prospects into customers, plus I’ve outlined some guidelines to create better mailings.

Wonder Words That Grab Attention

Before you start rolling up your sleeves, you should write the following words down on a post-it note and stick it on your computer or fridge to remember:

They appear in no particular order:

  • You
  • Love
  • Proven
  • Easy
  • Safely
  • Discovery
  • Save
  • Results
  • New
  • Guaranteed
  • Health
  • Money

So why are these wonder words so important?

Well, did you know that Yale University Researches have identified them as the 12 most powerful words in the human language?

These words just so happen to attract readers attention more than any other words, while working on a very powerful, emotional level.

But it is important to remember that these words should only be used as tools when integrating them within your copy. If your copy is poor, particularly your grammar, then these words will not win over a new customer. But they will make your communication so much more enticing.

Here’s how easy it is to include them within your copy:

Discover how you can generate more money by using this easy copywriting method, saving you thousands of dollars with proven results. Guaranteed!

Empathise with your target market

The main purpose of copywriting within a direct mail context, is not used to inspire admiration, it is there to get people to do something. The entire design and conception of direct mail piece, for example, must be built around this simple but vital necessity: Get Action!

So when writing your copy, you have to start with understanding your target market. You will need to ask relevant questions and genuinely empathise with your customers. This may involve talking to your current and past customers, studying testimonials, even talking to customer service staff, who usually provide some very interesting vies.

You should try and identify what type of person they are. What is really motivating them to respond? Is it:

  • Greed?
  • Worry?
  • Status?
  • Revenge?
  • Dreams?
  • Anger?
  • Sex?
  • Saving Money?
  • Power?

It could be any of these reasons or combination, but I believe that only a few motives are ever at work.

To view this in a more simplistic way, it has been identified that everything functions for either pain or gain in this world, and it’s the same for every person. Although every marketer would agree that people will always try to avoid pain over pleasure or gain.

In other words, in order to get your customers to take action and buy from you, your product or service needs to overcome the pain and suffering associated with their problems.

You need to stop talking about yourself and how wonderful your business is, and start addressing your customers problems by outlining the benefits associated with the product or service you’re trying to sell.

For example, if you have a massage chair that is equipped with all the latest technology, you’re not going to start by mentioning that it has 12 multi-function settings, but rather focus on reducing back pain and restoring circulation.

After fully understanding the person you are talking to, you now need to consider what format you want to write in and the critical elements needed given the overall proposition. In fact, until the format and the elements are satisfactory, you should not write a word.

Creating Better Mailings

Focusing on direct mail in particular, the key ingredients to include for a successful mail-out would typically include the outer envelope, the letter, the order form, the reply envelope, the brochure, and the flyer.

It is far better for a writer and designer to sort out the overall plan before undertaking the specifics. Plus the function and message of each item becomes clearer as you start to develop them. Writing too early will be a waste, as ideas change and thoughts change.

But for the purpose of this article, I am only going to concentrate on the three key elements of the direct mail package where effective copywriting is absolutely critical and the main points you need to consider before you start writing:

The letter

In studies, the majority of people look for a letter first when the open their mail. But many businesses fail to use them in their mailings. There are some absolutes when it comes to direct mail – you must always include a letter and you must have a very strong reason for not making it a long one.

Why does it have to be long? Well if you want tell compelling stories that grab attention and connect with people so that they’ll respond in the way you want, you need to be prepared to write some enticing copy. And I doubt if you can provide enough detail or a compelling reason in a cover letter only containing 2 to 3 paragraphs.

To write a letter that is going to entice your customers you need to structure it in a format that will keep the reader moving down the page by incorporating the following key elements:

  1. Attention Grabbing title - Used to get people to focus on you, your products and how you can benefit them. I normally write 30 different titles or more before I come up with a winner. You should even consider doing A/B split testing to track the best response.
  2. Introduction - After capturing your readers’ interest, now direct their attention to your introduction. Write a brief paragraph about your product or service to let them know exactly what you have to offer them. Keep it brief and to the point with no fluff. You need to capture the promise made in the title in only a few seconds before the reader loses interest.
  3. Identify the Problem – This goes back to empathising with your customers and help overcoming their problems. Providing a ‘reason why’ you’re writing the letter is also critical when making an offer to your customers, and it is best relayed in the form of a story. In fact, good copywriters and marketers often use stories the reader can relate to.
  4. Provide a Solution – Tangible benefits, not features that can help your customers. After identifying your customers greatest fears and concerns, show them how other people, just like them, have overcome these problems and discovered there was nothing to worry about.
  5. Details of what you are trying to sell – This contains all the pertinent information such as what’s on offer, what brands, what service your providing? You need to deliver on the promise made by the title.
  6. Testimonials – Provide evidence of happy customers. Please ensure they are the original letters for them to carry any authority at all.
  7. Endorsements – Whether they be from a celebrity, or an official organisation, an endorsement will help bring credibility to your product or service.
  8. Use an enticing marketing offer – An additional offer is used over and above what you are trying to sell. It could be a free gift, free information or a free consultation. It helps to overcome BUYERS INERTIA and gets the reader to take action.
  9. Contact information – How do you want your customers to contact you?
  10. Your signature -….and not a digital one that has been scanned onto the page.
  11. Use a P.S. to reiterate the offer and even another P.S.S. to outline any other important information. E.g. A deadline or, advising the product is only available to first 100 callers. These help the reader to ‘take action’ now.

What is your copywriting style?

Now that you have the right layout to use for your letter, you also need to be aware of the tone and style of your writing, and what is the best way to lay out the copy to make it easier to understand? Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Most letters are written in a compassionate, informal style to provide a more human touch to help the writer relate better to the reader.
  • The approach you should take is to let the customer know that you are talking to him or her as a person and not some random number or customer. Always personalise your letter where possible.
  • Use bullet points and sub headings to break up information and make it easier for the reader digest. Your subheadings should provide highlights of each section of your sales letter and be displayed in a larger, bold font.
  • Bold important information, titles, sub headings and key points
  • Change the colour to broadcast your offer. Colour can be used to draw the reader’s attention to get something for FREE!
  • Use italics and underline for greater emphasis on a word.
  • Use a handwriting font to express your testimonials as they provide more credibility.

The brochure

If you have a budget, then a brochure of some form is always useful. It will improve response but it isn’t always critical to include in a mail pack. It should be seen as complimentary to the other items rather than the hero.

What I mean by brochure, however, doesn’t necessarily have to be high cost and a lavish 4-colour production. It can indeed be in black and white. Usually its role is to provide credibility to the rest of the mailing with pictures, charts and other informative items.

In this role, the brochure shares the selling task with the other items, so what you say in the letter copy may be replicated in the brochure, but said differently of course. The tone of the brochure copy is completely different. The letter is typically writing using a chattier, more colloquial style, while the official brochure is more formal.

Never fall into the trap of leaving things out of the letter, as if you were going to save it for the brochure. Both items have to stand on their own feet but also contain the entire selling message. Only the tone and style is different, which provides excellent practice to developing your flexibility with different copy styles.

The flyer

The flyer is basically any other piece of paper you want to add to your direct mail pack.

You may think that your letter and brochure have provided your prospective customer with all the information they need. But it is primarily used as a stand-out piece. It sticks out and draws the reader’s attention while reinforcing the message.

The flyer mainly comes in two forms, the testimonials letter, or ‘third voice’ letter, and the free gift flyer.

A variation of the testimonial letter is the ‘third voice’ because it appears to come in the form from someone other than the writer of the main letter. An example of this letter can be applied to fundraising: The state government will have credibility in signing an appeals letter, but you can’t really have them asking for cash. Therefore, we would write a separate letter from the Leader talking about politics, but with a little bit at the end talking about the need for funds.

The free gift flyer has two jobs to perform. First, it has to focus the readers mind on the free gift, then it has to be able to ‘sell it’. All too often the free gift flyers end up as a photograph of a watch with a paragraph underneath stating ‘FREE’ in bold. This is hardly going to give you the results you want. Many other types of flyer can be devised. In fact, don’t limit yourself to just one – I’ve seen successful mail packs use as many as 50 flyers!

To sum up

So that is a brief overview of how to create better mailing using effective copywriting. By now I think you will agree that if you use the right words, the right tone and style, and the right format, while focusing on the primary needs of your customers – you can’t go wrong.

It may be easier said than done, which is why you may have to consider using an experienced copywriter to get the most out of your next direct marketing initiatives.

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2 Ways For Making Your Marketing Work

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If you want to know how to gain more people into your business, then you will need an elite squad of marketing strategies that will take your business to the top. I think if you can find ways to promote your business in an effective way, you’ll find yourself having more success than ever before if you can follow a few key tips.

Now to get more new customers into your place of business, you will want to use a variety of different marketing techniques. I think most people have heard of cold calling, door to door marketing, and selling to family members and friends. All of these strategies need to be thrown away and locked up for good so that you can focus more of your time on more profitable ventures.

So what are some of the best kinds of marketing to do first in your business? I’m glad you asked! Here’s the first tip for making your marketing work:

1) Do research

You will have to see what kind of competition is in your area before you spend a dime on marketing. If there are a lot of competitors out there in your niche, you may be unable to go in and make any sustainable damage. But if you find that there are only a little bit of competitors, you’ll have the opportunity to take over, and you can start to earn a nice income from your money’s worth.

So if you’ve found that a lot of people in your niche are selling the same kind of product that you are selling, then you will have to try and make your business a success. There are all kinds of ways to successfully marketing your business – so pick one and use this technique like there’s no attention.

2) Use postcards

Postcards are personal and are great for sending updates to your customers. You can even put up a happy picture with you and your family to show how much fun you’re having, all while making them feel like they’re missing out on life The best thing about marketing with postcards are that they’re cheap. I think it costs around 50 cents to send one out, but they can really help to bring in new sales and profits quickly and easily.

These 2 tips for making money in your business can go a long way towards making you profitable. Both can be implemented right now as market research will probably be the hardest thing that you will have to do. Actually implementing the campaign will be incredibly easy.

You can find postcards to mail out to from a wide variety of vendors. You can go to Google and do a search, or you can check on eBay or to see if they have these postcards for you.

Use these tips to have the kind of success that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time now. If you can keep that goal in mind, you’ll be good to go when it comes to making more sales and profits in your business – so don’t pass them up.

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How to Solve the Phone Phobia Problem in Direct Sales

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As a Direct Sales Team Leader, I often hear consultants say that they have a Phone Phobia. These consultants will avoid making or receiving telephone calls in regards to their home business.

When it comes to making business calls, consultants often fear the following:

1. Fear of not conveying their message correctly.

2. Fear of not getting the results they hope to achieve.

3. Fear of rejection or getting no’s.

4. Fear of not being liked by the person to whom they are calling.

When a person has a genuine case of phone phobia, they will avoid the telephone like it was their worst enemy. In fact, in Direct Sales, the telephone can be a valuable business asset.

Here are a few tips on how you can overcome this problem.

1. Write 3 business related scripts. You will need one for: party hosts, customers and for pitching your home business opportunity. If you are not comfortable with drafting up a telephone script, ask your team leader or sponsor for assistance.

2. Role Play with a fellow consultant or with your team leader. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will get when the time comes to make your business calls.

3. Tag Team with a fellow consultant or with your team leader. When you need to make business calls, see if your team leader will do a three-way call with you and the person you need to call.

Making and receiving business phone calls is an important part of having a Direct Sales home business. Sit down and make a list of why you are avoiding the telephone. Once you have your reasons, try solving the problem with one of the above tips.

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Become A Copywriter: Where to Find Prospects And How To Market Your Copywriting Business

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Where do you find prospects who will hire to write copy? Well, they are everywhere. You just have to know where to look to find them. And here I will list exactly where you can go to find potential clients.

o Yellow Pages – starting from page one you can simply go from front to back to contact the businesses in your area.

o Craig’s List – this website lists writing jobs in each individual city.

o Agency Red Book – simply go to your library and ask for this great resource. It lists every single advertising agency in the entire country along with a name and contact information.

o Book of Advertisers – same for this resource. Just go to the library and ask the librarian where you can find it. It lists every business in the United States that spends more than $30,000 a year on advertising. It categorizes businesses by type and includes a name and contact information.

o Online search engines and online yellow pages – here you can find businesses and their contact information all over the United States.

o Business Journal – this is the only resource on this list that costs money. It is a local business newspaper that provides valuable articles about what is happening in the business world in your area. Also your local business journal may publish what is called The Book of Lists which is a collection of every business in your area, categorized by type, with names and contact information of people in those businesses. If you subscribe to the business journal then you should receive The Book of Lists for free. If you choose not to subscribe to the weekly business journal then you will have to pay for The Book of Lists. You can check online at to find out if your city publishes a business journal.

These are the best resources for contacting businesses to market your service to. There are many ways to go about it. The best way I found to organize your prospecting is to create a list of prospects. I created a list on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and included the name of the contact, email (if you can locate it) name of business, phone number and date contacted. That way you can go through and know exactly when you contacted each prospect so when you want to contact them again (say every other month) you will know when it is time.

The contact information varies for each resource. Finding emails for individuals is difficult and can be time consuming. Your best bet is to simply dial the phone number provided and ask for the person in charge of hiring freelance writers. You can also ask for the Marketing Manager for businesses and the Creative Director for Advertising Agencies. These people are the ones who are normally in charge of hiring freelance copywriters. At the end of this Instruction Manual you can find a sample phone script that lays out what you will say to the contact person when they answer. You can also use it to leave a message on voicemail.

Contacting Prospects

Now that you know where to look and have compiled your list, it’s time to determine how you will to contact your potential clients.

There are several ways in which you can make contact:

1. Email

2. Direct Mail

3. Cold Calling


One way to contact your potential client is to send them a prospecting email.
This is just like sending a sales letter to a physical address, only you’re sending it to their email inbox. The major problem with this form of prospecting is that it’s difficult to find email addresses for the people in an organization that are responsible for hiring you. If you look in the yellow pages, Agency Redbook, Book of Advertisers, or the Business Journal, you’re not going to find any specific email addresses. Some may have a general email address like: info@bigjohnscarsales, and you can send a prospecting email to that address but it may not go to someone who has the power to hire you and your email may be deleted. Your best bet at finding the email address of a specific person in an organization is the internet. A lot of the businesses online will list contact emails to certain decision makers in their organization. If you look at the website of a corporation or a small business, look for someone in the marketing or communications department.

And if you are looking at the website of an Advertising Agency, the Creative Director is the person you want to send your email to.

Now some of the businesses online won’t list specific emails. They may just have a general email like the one mentioned above. You can send an email to that address but it may not be as effective. In this case you would be better off calling them on the phone, which I will discuss in a moment.

The prospective email you write should be straight to the point and minus any real pushy sales language. People get many emails in their inboxes everyday and a lot of them are selling products and services. You need to have an email that is straightforward, short, with a small description of your service, and a few specific benefits they’ll receive by working with you.

The subject line of the email should also be brief, straight to the point, and say exactly what the email contains. If you send them an email with a subject line that doesn’t pertain to the information in the email they will delete it. Also, don’t include any words like Free, or Bargain, or any type of sales language because more than likely it will be caught by the user’s spam filter and deleted without being opened.

The subject line I use goes something like this: Business and Marketing Writing from
Hardworking Communications.

Very simple. Very straight forward. It tells the recipient exactly what to expect when they open the email. Email is also the best method to use if you still have a full time job and you can’t cold call during the day.

Direct Mail.

I won’t get into too much detail about direct mail prospecting because I believe that as a prospecting method, it’s too time consuming and cost prohibitive. You need paper, envelopes, stamps, and a lot of time to create a very specific and direct sales letter. Personally, I don’t believe that any beginning copywriter should use direct mail as a prospecting tactic.

If you do, however, decide to use direct mail then there are a few things you need to know. Make your sales letter very specific. Find out who you are writing to and include their name in the letter. Generic, Dear Sir or Madam letters won’t be as effective as a letter addressed to a specific person. And try to keep the letter 1 to 2 pages. You are sending your letter to presumably busy people and they don’t have time to read a 10 page sales letter.

Benefits, benefits, benefits. Don’t write your letter talking about yourself. Talk about how you’re going to help him/her skyrocket his/her profits. You want them to see how hiring you will benefit their business. Essentially, just follow the sales letter structure as if you were selling a product or service for a company, only the product/service is you.

Cold Calling

This is the single best way to contact your clients because all prospects have a phone number. Whether you use the yellow pages or the Business Journal, phone numbers will be available for all organizations.

There are several things you need to know about cold calling potential prospects:

o Don’t call on Monday or Friday. On Monday people are very busy catching up from the weekend and Friday people are anxious to leave and many decision makers (the people you want to talk to) will not be available. Your best bet is to call Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These days people are in the flow of the week and it will be easier to get a hold of and actually speak with the people who have the hiring power.

o Defeat anxiety. Cold calling can be nerve wracking and you may even feel like you’re pestering or bothering these people. You may feel like the dreaded telemarketer. Well, we’re not telemarketers. We are professionals selling a valuable service. Think of this as the single best way to get your business off the ground and ignore any negative feelings you may have towards this method. It will work.

o Sheer numbers. You have to make a lot of calls. And I mean a lot. I’ve made close to 1,000 in a month before. It’s in the numbers. If you contact enough people you’ll find those who need your service. And it may take time. People you speak with or leave a voice mail for may not need your service today. That doesn’t mean they won’t need it tomorrow or next week or next month.

o When you call an organization/business ask for the Marketing Manager. He or she is the person you want to talk to. If no one there has that title ask for whoever is in charge of hiring freelance copywriters. Some receptionists will be happy to assist you — others may not be so friendly. Just remember, you are selling a valuable service. A service that these companies need. If you call an Advertising Agency you ask for the Creative Director. He or she is the person in charge of hiring the freelance copywriter.

o When you do get the prospect on the phone speak to him or her in a natural, calm tone, and don’t push the sale. Ask him or her about their marketing needs and their current marketing strategy. Listen, listen, and then listen some more. That is the key. Once you build a rapport with that person then you will be able to transition into selling your services much easier. Also make sure you get their email address. This is key in keeping contact with them in the future.

Follow Up

After you’ve contacted a client you need to follow up shortly after. If you send them an email during an email prospecting session, then you should call them a few days later to inquire if they received it. If you speak with someone on the phone during a cold calling session, be sure to get their email address so you can send them a follow up email thanking them for their time and reminding them to keep you on file for any future freelance copy projects. If you send a direct mail letter to anyone, call them a few days later (when you’re pretty sure they’ve received it) and talk to them about their needs for a freelance copywriter.

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The 80/20 Rule In Direct Mail Marketing

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When it comes to marketing your offline business, it can be tough. You have to deal with employees, you need to manage the store, you need to interact with customers, and you still have to do the marketing for the place. Does this sound like you? Well if it does, I have an answer for you.

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 cliché? Well if you didn’t, here’s how it goes: 80% of your business profits will come from 20% of the work that you do. So you can probably stand the chance of working less, but can still earn a lot of profits from your business. I mentioned the 80/20 rule because in business, this cliché is absolutely correct.

But if you’re thinking what the 20% is that will bring you the 80% profits, then congratulations! You have landed on the right article because I’m going to show you a marketing strategy that I hold very close to my heart. It’s something that not a lot of people do right, but it can be worth absolutely every penny if you do it right.

So what is the marketing technique that I am talking about? You’re probably lost also because I haven’t revealed this secret strategy with you until now. Here’s the marketing strategy that can take your business and turn it into a money-making business almost within a few weeks:

- Direct mail

With direct mail, you can reach a lot of people for a very low cost. Let’s imagine that you were a marketing consultant and you needed to find ways to promote your business. Would you try to use brand advertising to get your message across… or would you rely on direct response marketing to get you more new customers? I’m pretty sure you know the answer to this question, but it’s worth a shot in asking you if you understand.

Well I ask that because direct mail works in the same way. You can use it to follow up on leads that you have gotten in your business, or you can use it to make more money on your previous customers. If I were you, I’d definitely spend more time trying to extract more value from a customer who has come to your business time and time again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think that you should follow up on the sales that you’ve gathered because you want to turn these prospects into buyers also. But on the flip side of that, marketing to your existing customers is something that should be given more priority to, because this is where 80% of your profits will come front.

If you’re not selling to your existing customers via direct mail, then what is it that you are doing? I think it’s time to put this direct mail strategy to use in your business so that you can experience more sales and profits. But don’t take it for me – go out there and start using these strategies right away in your business. You’ll stand to make some major profits marketing this way.

Good luck with making these tips as profitable for you as possible.

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Direct Mail Marketing As a Proven Methodology to Helping Businesses Grow

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Direct mail marketing is a proven methodology key to helping businesses grow. But you will need the expertise and technological efficiency to guide you through your toughest projects. The process involves a multimedia marketing approach which includes direct mail, email, social media, variable data printing and fulfillment. The choice is yours to what extent you want your marketing approach designed and produced and can be delivered on time, on budget and on target.

Creating Direct Marketing with Impact

The essence of direct mail marketing is the capacity to create your marketing campaign into the best one yet. This means you have to work with only the best experts in the industry to help you create the best marketing message with the right mix in your direct mail marketing campaign to drive your desired response. What you cannot do is to force people to buy from you, but the right marketing message can influence people into making a purchase.

Direct mail marketing can never be out of date. The trend reported in the marketing firm Epsilom Targeting’s latest consumer channel preference study of nearly 5,000 North American consumers suggested that about 50% of U.S. consumers, as well as Canadian consumers, do show preference for direct mail marketing channel. However, the use of a range of channels to develop relationships starting with proven channels like direct mail, then branching the message to underpin it through additional conduits (email and social media) gives you the lead in driving more sales.

Driving Sales by Integrated Marketing

You can be resourceful at creating an effective integrated marketing campaign across multiple channels with reinforced message guaranteed of driving increase in sales. You just have to recognize the three factors that can impact the success of any mail marketing campaign-the 40% direct factor, the 40% offer factor and the 20% creative factor. And you have to find out which one works best for your business by testing each factor.

You also have to recognize the uniqueness of direct mail advertising in many ways to get measurable results. It is by testing and tracking that you can literally determine the most effective lists, the offers and the creative factors which can guide your business in a way you can mine the best intelligence, evaluate your ROI and find response trends to improve the ROI for future campaigns.

With integrated marketing, your offers are presented where you can find people who can be influenced to buy what you are selling-in direct mail, email, social media, website, mobile and more. You have to tailor your offers in each channel by creating a guaranteed integrated marketing campaign that works for you.

Generally, you have to be equipped with the resources to refine your mailing campaign lists and reduce waste and to help you profile your best customers by predictive list modeling. You should use the best data analysis tools which are also utilized in survey research projects to identify consumers’ values, attitudes and product preferences which can also be combined with U.S. data census.

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How to Use Social Networking in Your Marketing Strategy

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Any business today will understand how crucial it is to have an online presence for the future success of the business. With the right use of the Internet marketing tools available, you can allow your business to flourish in even the most competitive market. Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. As more businesses are gaining an understanding of the efficacy of Internet marketing tools, social media is becoming a more popular option. With most potential customers spending at least part of each day online, marketing on the Internet is the easiest way of reaching customers across the nation and around the globe.

What is Social Network Marketing?

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media networks for both online and offline businesses. The proper use of these sites will help you reach more customers. The biggest advantage of sites like these is that they offer free sign-up, which makes them among the most cost-effective advertising tools available. Through your social media site, you can advertise sales, invite customers to special events, and connect to a whole new group of customers without spending money to market directly to them. Other Social Networking Tools Within social media sites you will gain access to many other tools that will enhance your online presence and allow you to connect with more customers.

• News aggregators are social networking tools. These news feeds allow you to stay on top of the latest news in your business, based on the topics you select. Sites like Digg give you access to news aggregation services that will give you the information you need. Placing a Digg icon on your blog or in articles will also give you the chance to appear in the Digg news feed, further expanding your market.

• Tracking tools will also come in handy when planning your social networking strategy. With Internet tracking tools, you can stay on top of how many times people click links within your site, so you’ll know which strategies are working. They will also give you access to information about how many times people share links on social networking sites.

• All-in-One tools allow you to maintain many different social networking accounts with ease. With the right tools, you can access multiple social media accounts at once so you can communicate with more customers. With creative use of the right social networking tools, you can find your way to the success you want for your business.

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The 6 Key Steps For Fast Internet Marketing Profits

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When talking about Internet marketing, I am referring to direct response marketing. Direct response marketing allows the Internet entrepreneur to set up a profit pulling business within a reasonable amount of time. I am talking about hours rather than months or years like would be the norm in other types of businesses. This is why I choose this type of business model over others for an Internet based business.

Once you understand the basic ingredients of a direct response marketing campaign you can set up your whole business in a few hours. Of course the first few times it might take a little longer but the more often you do it, the faster and better you will get at it.  You don’t have to be an expert to get started with your business but you will need to start. and a direct response marketing business is the fastest and easiest way to start.

Here are the key steps for building a direct Internet marketing business…

1) Find a hungry market…An example of a hungry market would be a market with a problem that you can provide a solution to like quitting smoking.

2) Create or find a product that answers the needs of the market…. Maybe a guide on stopping smoking in three days

3) Create a web site with a sales page for your product… This is your marketing message where you will offer your solution for your markets problem

4) Create a page to get names and emails of people in your market… This is the list that you will build to grow your credibility with your market. These will become your customers in time.

5) Send traffic to your pages… Traffic is the life blood of your new business. You will send all your traffic to the page that builds your list so that you can continue to offer solutions to your list.

6) Build a relationship with your list and offer them the answer to their needs… Provide value in the form of content and your list will grow to trust you and follow your recommendations because you now have credibility.

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