Are Pizza Chains Crushing Your Small Pizza Business? Fight Back With Direct Mail!

If you are being squeezed out of your own market by those big pizza chains, it’s time you took matters into your own hands in order to beat them at their own game. The only thing those big guys have on you at the moment, is better advertising, and you can easily win that battle. Fight back with direct mail! While they are so busy adhering to corporate standards and selling $5 pizzas, you are going to saturate your own market with direct mail pizza menus, brand your name to generate visibility, give people better quality food, and finally, the battle will be over once and for all.

Observe Their Promotions – Beat Them at Their Own Game

One of the ways those pizza conglomerates stay so competitive is to feed off each other’s advertising campaigns. Notice how one chain advertised the first pizza at full price and the second at a flat rate that was less than half the price. The next thing that happened is, the other major players launched their own campaigns with slight variations of the ‘buy one – get one half off’ technique. Ever seen a “$10 Any Pizza” promo? Of course you have because they all copy each other! Make your own similar coupon but add value with better quality food and service!

Zero in on the Target – Win Back Your Market

By advertising with direct mail you can zero in on your targeted market with better discounts, coupons, freebies or whatever incentive you want to promote that is specific to your area. Professional printers can help you hone in on your market by providing you with maps which can be reduced to particular zip codes or even more precise neighborhoods within those zip codes. You know your people – their wants and needs. Satisfy those needs and you will own your market.

Advertising with a Local ‘Flavor’

Those big chains don’t know what is happening in your neighborhood, but you do. Run specials that coincide with special events in your market area. Perhaps the high school basketball team is in the playoffs, or it’s founder’s day in your town. Advertise specials and promotions for major local events. That’s something the big chains can’t possibly do on a national level, and that is the greatest opportunity you will have to win one over on them. Direct mail brings the word right to the doorstep of consumers in your market, and tells them that YOU have best pizza in town, at competitive prices, and that you will done everything possible to serve them well at all times.

So many small pizza businesses are overwhelmed at the thought of competing with the big chains. Don’t let them crush you, because you have something they just don’t have, great pizza. Get the word out with direct mail pizza menus that highlight your best selling (and most profitable) menu items. Go on the all out attack with coupons, discounts and special promotional items. And keep at it until you own your market. Most of the time direct mail pizza menus cost less than the price of a postage stamp! What is it worth to you, to take back your market area?

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