Direct Mail Marketing As a Proven Methodology to Helping Businesses Grow

Direct mail marketing is a proven methodology key to helping businesses grow. But you will need the expertise and technological efficiency to guide you through your toughest projects. The process involves a multimedia marketing approach which includes direct mail, email, social media, variable data printing and fulfillment. The choice is yours to what extent you want your marketing approach designed and produced and can be delivered on time, on budget and on target.

Creating Direct Marketing with Impact

The essence of direct mail marketing is the capacity to create your marketing campaign into the best one yet. This means you have to work with only the best experts in the industry to help you create the best marketing message with the right mix in your direct mail marketing campaign to drive your desired response. What you cannot do is to force people to buy from you, but the right marketing message can influence people into making a purchase.

Direct mail marketing can never be out of date. The trend reported in the marketing firm Epsilom Targeting’s latest consumer channel preference study of nearly 5,000 North American consumers suggested that about 50% of U.S. consumers, as well as Canadian consumers, do show preference for direct mail marketing channel. However, the use of a range of channels to develop relationships starting with proven channels like direct mail, then branching the message to underpin it through additional conduits (email and social media) gives you the lead in driving more sales.

Driving Sales by Integrated Marketing

You can be resourceful at creating an effective integrated marketing campaign across multiple channels with reinforced message guaranteed of driving increase in sales. You just have to recognize the three factors that can impact the success of any mail marketing campaign-the 40% direct factor, the 40% offer factor and the 20% creative factor. And you have to find out which one works best for your business by testing each factor.

You also have to recognize the uniqueness of direct mail advertising in many ways to get measurable results. It is by testing and tracking that you can literally determine the most effective lists, the offers and the creative factors which can guide your business in a way you can mine the best intelligence, evaluate your ROI and find response trends to improve the ROI for future campaigns.

With integrated marketing, your offers are presented where you can find people who can be influenced to buy what you are selling-in direct mail, email, social media, website, mobile and more. You have to tailor your offers in each channel by creating a guaranteed integrated marketing campaign that works for you.

Generally, you have to be equipped with the resources to refine your mailing campaign lists and reduce waste and to help you profile your best customers by predictive list modeling. You should use the best data analysis tools which are also utilized in survey research projects to identify consumers’ values, attitudes and product preferences which can also be combined with U.S. data census.

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