How to Solve the Phone Phobia Problem in Direct Sales

As a Direct Sales Team Leader, I often hear consultants say that they have a Phone Phobia. These consultants will avoid making or receiving telephone calls in regards to their home business.

When it comes to making business calls, consultants often fear the following:

1. Fear of not conveying their message correctly.

2. Fear of not getting the results they hope to achieve.

3. Fear of rejection or getting no’s.

4. Fear of not being liked by the person to whom they are calling.

When a person has a genuine case of phone phobia, they will avoid the telephone like it was their worst enemy. In fact, in Direct Sales, the telephone can be a valuable business asset.

Here are a few tips on how you can overcome this problem.

1. Write 3 business related scripts. You will need one for: party hosts, customers and for pitching your home business opportunity. If you are not comfortable with drafting up a telephone script, ask your team leader or sponsor for assistance.

2. Role Play with a fellow consultant or with your team leader. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will get when the time comes to make your business calls.

3. Tag Team with a fellow consultant or with your team leader. When you need to make business calls, see if your team leader will do a three-way call with you and the person you need to call.

Making and receiving business phone calls is an important part of having a Direct Sales home business. Sit down and make a list of why you are avoiding the telephone. Once you have your reasons, try solving the problem with one of the above tips.

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