Learning Internet Marketing 109 – Bring it All Together

This series of articles has been on learning Internet marketing strategies and we have been discussing the five critical steps to optimising your website’s position for search engine rankings. The five steps are blogs, video online, social networking, social bookmarking, and content sharing sites. We have discussed in some detail the individual and group strategies to promote your business and to improve your search engine rankings organically.

In this capstone article of this series, we will discuss how you can bring the five critical steps together as a complete Internet marketing strategy that will accelerate the dissemination of the information from all your sites and affiliates to dramatically boost the rankings and presence of your website.

The complete Internet marketing package

By now I am sure we all understand the importance of utilizing the five critical steps of video online, social media, social bookmarking, content sharing sites and feeding them into the centrepiece of your package, the blog. The aims of these strategies are to increase your search engine rankings, to build your client list, to improve your conversion rate, to increase your sales and to improve the level of qualified customers.

By utilising to the maximum efficiency the five critical steps you cannot help but achieve your aims above and your business goals. The best way of course to bring this about is to have them working together in the model that I’ll explain to you shortly. But first I need to explain to you a phenomenon that occurs when you use the five steps in a cohesive package. It’s called a domino effect.

If you have a blog and it’s linked to your other steps with both forward and backlinks to each area your processes will be all automatic. By using the social bookmarking sites effectively you can make one entry on your blog and it will instantaneously be sent and will update your Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you may be linked into.

The social bookmarking sites can also be linked into all the other possible tactics you have setup. These can include making an instant podcast of any audio, making an instant YouTube entry of any video, making an immediate update of you pictures on Facebook, and finally it can make an instant link to be tweeted on your Twitter site.

All of this can happen instantaneously just by making one entry on your blog. The viral effect of this will be instantaneous and will have a huge impact on hitting your ever-increasing list of prospects and clients. Awesome stuff.

The Internet marketing model

What I’m going to do now is share something with you I would normally only reserve for my best clients. I am going to briefly outline the secret to your success; the MODEL. If you follow this success model you will be able to make a very cohesive package bringing together all of the strategies and tactics to work together.

The synergy of this model is enormous. But I must give you a word of warning here before we go ahead; this is not to be taken lightly. The enormous potential you can unleash here can be a little overwhelming if you are not prepared for the viral explosion. There will be a huge rush of new clients, and a massive influx of people wanting your products and services. Just be prepared.

Having warned you I will now proceed with describing the model.

As I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions the centrepiece of the model is your blog. This is essential and it must be at the centre of your whole strategy. All the other pieces must feed into and out of the blog. Secondly the data collected from your blog must be feed directly into your database. This data is your “list” and that is your goldmine. Safeguard it, treat it with respect and it will reward you enormously.

The following elements can be setup and mostly forgotten when working automatically and efficiently.

- Your blog site – for example call it “yourwebsite.me”. Don’t forget you need fresh content daily, or at least 3 times each week.

- Your landing page – “yourwebsite.com” this page must have data-capture capabilities on it to squeeze out of your visitors their details; eMail and name as a minimum. This data goes directly into your database.

- Your Sales page – “yourwebsite.com/sales” – this is the page your visitors get automatically directed to once they have left their details from your landing or squeeze page.

- Your Video site – “yourwebsite.tv” this can feed into and out of all of your other sites to keep current video content available.

- Your Ezine site – “yourwebsite.info” this site can be setup with an ezine or newsletters with fresh daily content of what’s happening.

- Your Twitter site – “twitter.com/yourwebsite” this can be fed from your other sites and will also have backlinks to your blog site.

- Your Facebook site – “facebook.com/yourwebsite” this too can be fed from your other sites and also have backlinks to your blog site.

- Your YouTube channels – “youtube.com/yourwebsite” this site too can be fed from your other sites and also have backlinks to your blog site. YouTube can either complement or even take the place of your video site above.

If you have affiliates you’re working with then you can interconnect your affiliates’ sites into this model just as easily. This way you can use your ever-increasing list to promote all of your products and services and increase your business even more.

Each of these sites above must be interconnected to allow the cross-pollination of data between each of them.

I know what you’re thinking right now. And yes you’re correct. I’m suggesting that you have at least 8 or 9 websites. Well, how are you supposed to manage all of them? As I mentioned earlier you would just set these up one at a time and once setup effectively they will mostly operate on autopilot. You just set them and mostly forget them. They may require some tweaking from time to time to keep them current and to ensure they are still operating as advertised.

Now that I’ve explained the outline of the model I will just let you know that you need two more essential items to make this package complete.

Firstly, you will need a shopping cart with an inventory control system to manage all of your products and services. If you have physical products I would strongly suggest you look at outsourcing any large and complex inventory and logistics management. Electronic or digital resources can easily be managed from you database. This way you can be free to run your business and concentrate on the important and strategic issues.

Finally you will need to have a system of autoresponders to manage the communications with your clients. Once again these can virtually be a set-and-forget setup to automatically respond to incoming enquiries, receiving and processing orders, thank customers for their orders and enquiries and anything else of a routine matter that needs to be attended to.

That’s the Model.

In conclusion

While this last article may appear to be complex, and yes it is to a degree, but it is vial that you bring together this whole package in a cohesive and organised manner.

When set up correctly the five essential steps to optimising your website’s position for search engine rankings will assist you to drive your business to levels you can barely only imagine at this stage. By using the blog, video online, social networking, social bookmarking, and content sharing sites as a complete package and in the model I have generously outlined here your rankings will explode and you will have the top page position your business deserves.

Your goal of having a hugely successful business that will support your desired lifestyle is only a short journey away now. Just implement the things we’ve discussed here and you will achieve the success you deserve.

One last thing I must mention here; always enjoy yourself and have a huge amount of fun on your journey.

If you would like to know more about the five critical steps, the strategies discussed in this series of articles or if you would like to know how to set up the Model for you particular business then please feel free to contact me. I am only too happy to help others achieve the success that I have been so freely blessed with. Please contact me.

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