Massive Website Traffic – How to Direct Hundreds of Interested Buyers to Your Site

The following technique is something every internet marketer needs to master. Use it to create a steady flow of visitors anxious for the information you provide, but more importantly, anxious to purchase any products or services you offer.

It’s called “Article Writing.” Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are very interested in well-written, quality articles.

When you write informative articles that share, review, explain or investigate certain topics, products, or events and submit them to different article directories, three things will happen.

1- You will drive traffic to your website from a specific target market
2- You will establish credibility as an authority or “Expert” in your specific or niche market.
3- You will improve your rankings on the major search engines.

It is important to not only write content rich and informative articles, but to also be sure to submit them to the article directories that will provide you with the greatest amount of exposure. There are literally hundreds of article directories out there. However, Google seems to favor the following directories: Ezine Articles, GoArticles, Buzzle, Searchwarp, and Squidoo.

I have had better success and received higher rankings with the major search engines like Google by posting my articles to the directories mentioned above.

Article directories will not allow you to post articles that are a blatant sales pitch that directly promotes a business or product that you offer. It works more like a “Give and Take.” The “Give” is for your readers, and the “Take” is for you.

The “Give” is the content of your article. You “Give” away free and valuable information that delivers on the promise of your article title. The “Give” part does not allow you to provide any self-serving links to websites or blogs of your own.

The “Take” is all about you. The “Take” is what is called the Author Resource Box. This is where you briefly tell about yourself, your business, products, or services. It is also where you will provide a self-serving link to direct the reader to your website.

A little tip that will improve your rankings for particular keywords is to hyper-link your target keyword instead of putting a generic link. Let me elaborate; if your niche market is “Domain Names,” you would hyper-link the keywords “Domain Names” in your Author Resource Box. Google sees this as anchor text and will rank your website higher for whatever keywords you hyper-link.

As you create new, well-written articles daily or weekly, you will establish yourself as an expert and a source of credibility within your niche market. Who will people do business with? Those that they know, like, or trust. Build your credibility by submitting quality articles and your prospective buyers will begin to trust you more and more. They might even get the feeling that they are getting to know you and maybe even like you. And that, my friend, is good for business.

Get busy writing and submitting articles and good luck!

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