Realtor Postcards – A Quick Guide to Postcard Marketing Basics For Every Real Estate Agent

Of all the direct mail options available, postcards tend to be the most effective format. They communicate a message clearly, while still being affordable. Postcards are simpler in design, less complicated to print, and are easily mailed without needing to be folded, packaged, or otherwise manipulated.

Why Is Postcard marketing important?
Postcard marketing is not merely a proven marketing tool, it’s a form of marketing that offers several unique benefits.

Postcards work. Not only do they reach a tightly targeted audience, but they get read. Unlike sales letters and brochures, a postcard doesn’t need to be opened, making them that much easier to read. A well designed, professionally printed card will attract the eye with an appealing image and make a simple and direct offer. This approach allows you to make a strong first impression, and makes a good postcard impossible to ignore.

Marketing plans need affordable options, and postcards top the list. Costing as low as pennies apiece, postcards provide you with an effective, targeted promotional tool for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. On top of their low price, they are also cheap to mail – it’s actually cheaper to mail your advertisement as a postcard than it is it to send a letter.

Postcards are simple to test and optimize. Postcard marketing provides you with an advertising strategy that is simple to test on a small scale, but use at a higher level. Testing response can be done with small batches of a hundred or two hundred cards. Once you find an approach that works well, that same design can be mailed out to many hundred, even thousands.

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