Learning Internet Marketing 109 – Bring it All Together

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This series of articles has been on learning Internet marketing strategies and we have been discussing the five critical steps to optimising your website’s position for search engine rankings. The five steps are blogs, video online, social networking, social bookmarking, and content sharing sites. We have discussed in some detail the individual and group strategies to promote your business and to improve your search engine rankings organically.

In this capstone article of this series, we will discuss how you can bring the five critical steps together as a complete Internet marketing strategy that will accelerate the dissemination of the information from all your sites and affiliates to dramatically boost the rankings and presence of your website.

The complete Internet marketing package

By now I am sure we all understand the importance of utilizing the five critical steps of video online, social media, social bookmarking, content sharing sites and feeding them into the centrepiece of your package, the blog. The aims of these strategies are to increase your search engine rankings, to build your client list, to improve your conversion rate, to increase your sales and to improve the level of qualified customers.

By utilising to the maximum efficiency the five critical steps you cannot help but achieve your aims above and your business goals. The best way of course to bring this about is to have them working together in the model that I’ll explain to you shortly. But first I need to explain to you a phenomenon that occurs when you use the five steps in a cohesive package. It’s called a domino effect.

If you have a blog and it’s linked to your other steps with both forward and backlinks to each area your processes will be all automatic. By using the social bookmarking sites effectively you can make one entry on your blog and it will instantaneously be sent and will update your Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you may be linked into.

The social bookmarking sites can also be linked into all the other possible tactics you have setup. These can include making an instant podcast of any audio, making an instant YouTube entry of any video, making an immediate update of you pictures on Facebook, and finally it can make an instant link to be tweeted on your Twitter site.

All of this can happen instantaneously just by making one entry on your blog. The viral effect of this will be instantaneous and will have a huge impact on hitting your ever-increasing list of prospects and clients. Awesome stuff.

The Internet marketing model

What I’m going to do now is share something with you I would normally only reserve for my best clients. I am going to briefly outline the secret to your success; the MODEL. If you follow this success model you will be able to make a very cohesive package bringing together all of the strategies and tactics to work together.

The synergy of this model is enormous. But I must give you a word of warning here before we go ahead; this is not to be taken lightly. The enormous potential you can unleash here can be a little overwhelming if you are not prepared for the viral explosion. There will be a huge rush of new clients, and a massive influx of people wanting your products and services. Just be prepared.

Having warned you I will now proceed with describing the model.

As I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions the centrepiece of the model is your blog. This is essential and it must be at the centre of your whole strategy. All the other pieces must feed into and out of the blog. Secondly the data collected from your blog must be feed directly into your database. This data is your “list” and that is your goldmine. Safeguard it, treat it with respect and it will reward you enormously.

The following elements can be setup and mostly forgotten when working automatically and efficiently.

- Your blog site – for example call it “yourwebsite.me”. Don’t forget you need fresh content daily, or at least 3 times each week.

- Your landing page – “yourwebsite.com” this page must have data-capture capabilities on it to squeeze out of your visitors their details; eMail and name as a minimum. This data goes directly into your database.

- Your Sales page – “yourwebsite.com/sales” – this is the page your visitors get automatically directed to once they have left their details from your landing or squeeze page.

- Your Video site – “yourwebsite.tv” this can feed into and out of all of your other sites to keep current video content available.

- Your Ezine site – “yourwebsite.info” this site can be setup with an ezine or newsletters with fresh daily content of what’s happening.

- Your Twitter site – “twitter.com/yourwebsite” this can be fed from your other sites and will also have backlinks to your blog site.

- Your Facebook site – “facebook.com/yourwebsite” this too can be fed from your other sites and also have backlinks to your blog site.

- Your YouTube channels – “youtube.com/yourwebsite” this site too can be fed from your other sites and also have backlinks to your blog site. YouTube can either complement or even take the place of your video site above.

If you have affiliates you’re working with then you can interconnect your affiliates’ sites into this model just as easily. This way you can use your ever-increasing list to promote all of your products and services and increase your business even more.

Each of these sites above must be interconnected to allow the cross-pollination of data between each of them.

I know what you’re thinking right now. And yes you’re correct. I’m suggesting that you have at least 8 or 9 websites. Well, how are you supposed to manage all of them? As I mentioned earlier you would just set these up one at a time and once setup effectively they will mostly operate on autopilot. You just set them and mostly forget them. They may require some tweaking from time to time to keep them current and to ensure they are still operating as advertised.

Now that I’ve explained the outline of the model I will just let you know that you need two more essential items to make this package complete.

Firstly, you will need a shopping cart with an inventory control system to manage all of your products and services. If you have physical products I would strongly suggest you look at outsourcing any large and complex inventory and logistics management. Electronic or digital resources can easily be managed from you database. This way you can be free to run your business and concentrate on the important and strategic issues.

Finally you will need to have a system of autoresponders to manage the communications with your clients. Once again these can virtually be a set-and-forget setup to automatically respond to incoming enquiries, receiving and processing orders, thank customers for their orders and enquiries and anything else of a routine matter that needs to be attended to.

That’s the Model.

In conclusion

While this last article may appear to be complex, and yes it is to a degree, but it is vial that you bring together this whole package in a cohesive and organised manner.

When set up correctly the five essential steps to optimising your website’s position for search engine rankings will assist you to drive your business to levels you can barely only imagine at this stage. By using the blog, video online, social networking, social bookmarking, and content sharing sites as a complete package and in the model I have generously outlined here your rankings will explode and you will have the top page position your business deserves.

Your goal of having a hugely successful business that will support your desired lifestyle is only a short journey away now. Just implement the things we’ve discussed here and you will achieve the success you deserve.

One last thing I must mention here; always enjoy yourself and have a huge amount of fun on your journey.

If you would like to know more about the five critical steps, the strategies discussed in this series of articles or if you would like to know how to set up the Model for you particular business then please feel free to contact me. I am only too happy to help others achieve the success that I have been so freely blessed with. Please contact me.

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Affiliate Internet Marketing Definition – What is it and How Can You Join the Best Affiliate Program

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With all the buzz surrounding affiliate marketing these days we thought it prudent to publish some content explaining what is it and how you can profit from it. As flashy as it sounds, making money from your couch with affiliate marketing can be hard if you do not understand the industry. We will enlighten you on the topic below.

So what is it? Affiliate internet marketing is the process in which you the affiliate direct the customer to the retailer/seller and get paid a commission on the sales or actions they take. Some affiliate programs pay for sales only and some by “action”. An action would be something like filling out a form with all their information or something of this nature. This is typically called CPA marketing and is slightly different but in the same realm, so for the remainder of this article we will focus on the commission coming from a sale.

So how would you the affiliate direct customers to the seller? Well that is where a proper knowledge of the internet and internet marketing come in as there are many ways to do it. You can drive traffic from existing websites like a blog or a website you have made in the same niche. You can direct people to the affiliate program through your social media channels such as Facebook, MySpace and especially twitter! You can use emails or post in forums to get people to your seller, the list goes on and on. You can even pay for advertising online to drive people if you determine you will make a profit in the long run after the person buys.

The sky is the limit as far as driving traffic goes. The internet is constantly changing and the ways to drive traffic evolve daily as well. So how do you determine which affiliate program is right for you and what is the best affiliate program? There are high priced products, low priced products, products in health and beauty and products on technical information, so how do you determine which one(s) are right for you?

First start by taking a look at what interests you. You will be more apt to stick with and promote something that you truly believe in and have a genuine interest in. Second, do some research and see if the products are hot right now. VHS tape sales are probably not a great niche to be in right now, but some sort of weight loss product or technology product might really be booming right now.

I do have one piece of warning before you go out there and start looking however, so head this. When you start to research affiliate companies and products you are going to see a lot of companies and a lot of hype all claiming they have the silver bullet and they are the top affiliate program. They are going to tell you that theirs is the best and to absolutely go with them and so on and so forth.

I contend that you can make money in almost any niche, if you have the tools and knowledge to do so. There is no silver bullet or one special technique that will make you a million dollars, there just isn’t. That is why I recommend to learn how to excel in this industry first and then enter a program. The resource listed below is a phenomenal training tool and very cost effective. A great way for anyone who is new to the online realm to step their game up and start making money.

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Making Money Online With Email Marketing, Fax Marketing and Direct Offline Mailings

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Making money online has become an idea that rests on the forefront of everybody’s thoughts. As we go through the repetitive drudgery of our daily work responsibilities, we dream of brighter lifestyles – ones filled with more rewards and less effort spent. Of course, there never seems to be enough time in our days to get around to developing our thoughts into actions; we are just too short on energy, time and money at the end of the days to do so. And so, we continue to circle around in the same old routines – every day, feeling like we are doomed to these lives of mediocrity.

But there is hope! Email marketing, fax marketing and offline direct mailings can turn your life around – quickly – and you can finally start to enjoy the lifestyle that you have always known that you deserve.

Imagine developing substantial streams of revenue without ever having to:

- Make phone call after phone call
- Spend your time and money filling in forced matrixes that never pay
- Engage in bogus MLM schemes designed to only make the rich richer
- Build down-lines that lack the motivation of a slug – and never make YOU any money
- Beg strangers to send you cash in the mail through cash gifting plans
- Generate leads and then hound them to cooperate
- Send expensive packages through the mail
- Pay monthly fees and continually buy the world’s next “miracle” products.

By choosing the proper marketing methods, you never have to be burdened, embarrassed and disappointed with these types of “opportunities” again. (Let’s face it, are they really ever going to produce real, appreciable results for you? The answer is clearly no.

So it is high time you learn how you can quickly see real profits by using tested and proven techniques. Standing the test of time, rely on email marketing, fax marketing and offline direct mailings. Unlike so many of the “junk” programs that you are bombarded with daily on the Internet, finding that program based on ethics, integrity and honesty is possible, and it can change your life beginning right now – today. Making money online – and offline – is now a distinct possibility for you.

So many online business platforms will simply not reveal any of the details about the program until you have already paid your money to them. The sales letter gives just a little, but states nothing in clear and simple terms.

After signing up and being disappointed, you next option, in desperation, is to try yet another “system.” Of course that next choice also, in the end, proves to be the same as the others that have already burned you in the past.

It’s no wonder why so many millions of aspiring internet entrepreneurs lose their motivation, grow frustrated, cease their efforts to promote – and ultimately just resolve to continue to work their nowhere slave jobs – until they are left with nothing except for emptiness and despair inside. They go through their lives never able to advance – feeling like success is simply not intended for them.

However, this is not the ultimate message of despair because that can all end for you – right now, today!

Lives are changing every day all around you. Make your life the next one to change. Realize what’s waiting for you around this next corner and take advantage of this advice.

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Postcard Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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If you’ve been practicing real estate for any length of time, you’ve encountered postcard marketing in some form or fashion.

Real estate agents use postcard marketing (also known as direct mail marketing) for a number of reasons. Among other things, postcards are cost-effective, versatile and targeted.

But the purpose of this article is not to tell you why you should use postcards to market your services. The purpose of this article is to address the “how” of postcard marketing.

To be exact, this article will show you how to use postcards to outperform the competition and increase your ROI. Now that I’ve made a huge promise to you, let me deliver the goods:

Step 1 — Identify Your Audience

When creating your postcard message, start by identifying your audience. This is a critical step because the rest of the process depends on it. To identify your core audience, you simply have to ask yourself a series of questions.

Here’s an example of how your Q&A might go:

1. What area do I want to represent? Happy Town, Vermont.

2. Am I focusing on buyers or sellers? Buyers.

3. Any particular type of buyer? First-time buyers.

4. Where might I find them? Apartments. Perhaps living with relatives in the area.

5. What’s important to them? Learning about the home-buying process.

6. What else is important to them? Finding an agent they’re comfortable with.

Step 2 — Create Your Audience Statement

When your list is complete, you should be able to combine the answers into a paragraph. This paragraph is your audience statement, and it will help you set your postcard marketing objectives (Step 3).

Here’s what the audience statement might look like from the example above:

“I want to reach people looking to buy their first home in Happy Town, Vermont. Being first-time buyers, they probably live in nearby apartments or with relatives (so I should send my postcards to homes and apartments in my farm area). These people will want to learn about the home-buying process in order to feel more comfortable with it.”

You’re probably starting to see the value of an audience statement. In fact, you might even have ideas popping up on how to connect with such an audience. And that leads us to our next step…

Step 3 — Determine Your Objective

Now that you know your audience, you can set the objective for your postcard marketing campaign. Ask yourself, “What do I want to happen as a result of sending my postcards?”

Here’s the key to this step. Don’t ask your postcards to do more than they’re capable of doing. For example, don’t use postcards to try and convince recipients that you offer superior service. That’s a common mistake, and it’s too much to ask of an 8″x5″ piece of card stock.

“Superior service” cannot be conveyed through a postcard. It can only be conveyed through a working relationship.

So let’s scale back the objective until we find something that (A) gives the postcard a more realistic task, (B) follows a more natural sales progression, and (C) capitalizes on known consumer behavior.

Let’s use our postcards to generate a response from recipients.

Now that’s something a postcard can handle — especially if you create a compelling message with a strong offer. And since we know from statistics that most consumers end up choosing the first real estate agent they contact, we’re capitalizing on known consumer behavior.

Following our first-time buyers example, maybe we will promote a free home-buying seminar to generate interest and response. After all, anyone can benefit from a home-buying seminar — but especially those who’ve never bought a house before.

Step 4 — Conduct Your Mailing

This step will vary depending on your audience and your objective. But you’ve done the most important parts already. You’ve determined your audience. You’ve identified what it is you want your audience to do. And you even have some ideas on how to motivate them in that direction.

Continuing our first-time buyers example, this step might involve sending a postcard that promotes a free home-buying seminar.

Step 5 — Evaluate Your Response Rates

Make sure you have some way to track the responses you get back from each mailing. This will allow you to compare one postcard message to another to see which one performs better.

In the first-time buyer example, this could be as simple as tracking the number of RSVPs, or asking people in the seminar how they heard about it. Record the number of people who attend the seminar as a direct result of the postcard, and you’ve measured your response rate.

Armed with this information, you can experiment with other versions of the postcard to see which one performs or “pulls” the best.


There you have it — a structured and logical approach to postcard marketing. Identify your audience. Create your audience statement. Determine your objective. Conduct your mailing. Evaluate the response. Five easy steps!

And here’s a step that will follow automatically — succeed.

** You may republish this article on your website as long as the byline, author’s note and hyperlink are left intact. Please include the article in its entirety.

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Four Steps to a Successful Internet Marketing Business

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The four steps to a successful Internet marketing business include:

1) Input
2) Determination
3) Hard Work
4) Ability to follow directions

Testimonials from 5 and 6 figure earners ooze from every Internet marketing business. Just click on their hype to be besieged by the fantastically easy money you can make with little or no effort. Instead, mine is a story of hope not hype. Having found a legitimate internet business system I have within my power (hard work), and (in my life) guided by God to make astounding incomes.

1) Input: How serious are you about working an Internet business? You have many to choose from. The system I chose requires a high input of your effort. Time is no problem for me since I got laid off a traditional job. Humiliating but had that not happened, I would still be in a dead end job. With an online marketing business, layoffs are never a part of the agenda. I am now my own boss.

2) Determination: Do you want a better life for yourself and those you care about? You can work an internet marketing business like a hobby or treat it like a business. You can work part time while hanging onto your day job. This business encourages you to set a quit date to fire your boss. It is suggested that you write your resignation letter, date it 90 days from now and put it somewhere prominent as a reminder. Scary I know but demonstrating commitment requires your determination.

3) Hard work: The level of hard work should be a primary consideration in your decision to succeed with your home based Internet business. You must commit to putting in focused hard work. Consistently follow the guidelines you are given. If you want your business to succeed, persistence must become a way of life. Be consistent. Be persistent.

The fourth step, the ability to follow directions, must be well thought out before going any further. If you think you know it all, if you think you can go it alone, if you are too proud to admit you need help, then do not waste your time.

Essentially the ability to follow directions is the road to success in this Internet marketing business. Everything is provided. Setup comes with support you can turn to at any time. Training is ongoing and evolving as the co-founders keep tweaking the business to improve an already fantastic game plan. All you have to do is follow the leader just like when we were kids. Be flexible, be alert for the twists and turns that will improve your business. This community of entrepreneurs wants to see you succeed and will provide help and encouragement, if at any time you run into difficulties.

In addition, your ability to follow directions must continue throughout this affiliation because Internet marketing changes so quickly. Any changes will be broadcast to all members. Continual training keeps you up to date on how to maintain your Internet marketing business. You work with or implement Webinars, Skype, Twitter, phone conferences, emails, blogs and more because social networking is necessary to your success.

Remember, for success: it takes input, determination, hard work and the ability to follow directions. You must decide either if this is what you are looking for, or not. Everyone is different and the goals we seek will vary with our own set of circumstances.

Finally, e-commerce is the way to conduct business today. This business plan will keep you ahead of the game in reaching whatever your goals may be.

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Direct Marketing Introductions – First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

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Get it right the first time; you only have a few seconds at most.

How long do you take to size-up any piece of content?

Really does it take you more than the first five lines? “Thumbs up – - or thumbs down?”

If you’re in direct marketing by now you probably know that your image is everything. A great image is the secret to triggering an immediate response from your visitors.

With that said first impressions are everything. But how do you get started?

All you have are the words

What’s the first thing your visitor sees when they land on your website?

Answer: The first thing they see are the words…

Wow! Do you inject active words into your content to make it more interesting? Using active words give your content a sense of motion and excitement; they are magnificent tools for engaging your visitors.

Develop great communication skills: it’s the only way to be interesting… and it’s the only way to be in the ranks of the experts.

Who has the most prospects lining up in droves?

The leaders, the experts, the “gurus,” it doesn’t matter what term you use; the lesson here is that everyone wants to work with the best.

It’s all about positioning; you’ve got to put some work in to make that great first impression.

Great communication skills give your visitors the power to see through your eyes, the best part of this is that you will be able to connect with your prospects on a more intimate level.

First stop – - the headline

Most of us are drawn in by the headline; it’s the first thing that we see.

A good headline sends positive messages to the brain: “Mmm… interesting seems like what I need.”

A good headline is the only thing that has the power to stop a surfer dead in his tracks.

Good headline writing is like a muscle though: The more you work it the stronger it gets.

No matter how good your headline is; it can’t stand on its own.

Every opening paragraph must answers two (2) questions well

No- – no – - no it’s not, “What’s in it for me?”-But-”What’s this all about?” and “Can you help me?”

You see your opening headline already gave them the benefit, it’s your first five lines that will tell your prospects if you can deliver this benefit or not.

A strong statement in the first five lines is the only thing that can cure your visitors’ short attention span.

The only way to serve up the goods is with sound information. Get to the point; rambling on and on will only bore your visitors and send them running for cover.

Sorry I didn’t mean to be harsh but your visitors have so much choice: And you, all you have are just a few seconds to get their attention. First impressions are lasting impressions you may never get another chance.

So you see you’ve got to do your home work. Part of your direct marketing strategy has got to be researching “hot topics” in your niche.

This will ensure that you’re creating content that your visitors will find interesting. Imagine how happy they’ll be when they find that you have the exact information they are searching for.

Just think how much you’ll enrich the time your visitors spend on your website, they will come to know and trust you. You’ll never have to worry about credibility again. If you create conditions like these I am willing to bet your direct marketing campaign is very effective.

I know its so cliché, but you simply must invest in yourself, it’s the only way to get better at your discipline.

You do practice headline writing… right.

Remember you only have a few minutes to get it right, so it makes sense to get it right the first time.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

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Affiliate marketing is an extremely popular and effective method for earning money online. It is widely used by merchants, both big and small, to decrease their advertising budget and to make more sales. How does affiliate marketing work? Well, the merchant aggregates out its advertising to others, called affiliates, and will pay each affiliate a percentage of the sales price, also known as a commission, for every sale made through that affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing gets its name from the concept of “affiliating.” To “affiliate” is to form a partnership with someone else to achieve a certain end. In this case the merchant is forming a partnership with a group of individuals or companies to market its products and services in exchange for a percentage of the sales price.

Affiliate marketing is great for earning money online because, as an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping, or providing customer service. All you have to do is market the product online.

How to Find Affiliate Programs

The easiest way to find affiliate programs is to join one of the affiliate networks. Affiliate networks have countless products and services listed that  you can promote as an affiliate. The network manages the affiliate program for the merchant and is responsible for paying all affiliates for the sales hey make. The major affiliate networks are Paydotcom, Clickbank, and Commission Junction, although there are many others. Paydotcom and Clickbank are the easiest to sign up for beginners. Commission Junction requires that you jump through a few hoops before you can become an active affiliate, and one of its requirements is that you have a website.

You can also find affiliate programs by searching for them on the web. Almost any product out there, from the well known, to the just emerging, will likely have an affiliate program. Typing in  “product name” plus “affiliate program” into Google will bring up links that will take you directly to the section of the company’s website about their affiliate program.

How Affiliate Sales Are Tracked And Credited

Affiliates are paid for sales tracked through the use of special links called affiliate links. The link goes to the merchant’s website which is designed to sell the product or service offered.  In the link is special code called an affiliate ID which tells the affiliate network or merchant which affiliate made the sale and allow them to pay accordingly.

Many affiliates choose to re-direct to their affiliate links from their own domain. The reason for this is that affiliate links can be quite clunky.  Other reasons to use affiliate link re-direction rather than direct linking are a wider array advertising options and fewer lost sales.

How Affiliates Get Paid

How and when you get paid depends on the affiliate network or the merchant, if the merchant is running his own affiliate program. Most of the time, you are paid on a net 30 basis, which means that you are paid for all sales made in the previous 30 days. This breaks down to about once a month, with a lag time of a month when you first start.

For payment methods, some affiliate networks/merchants will pay you by a mailed check, direct deposit to your bank account, or even through Paypal. When dealing directly with a merchant, sometimes you can negotiate how you are paid, if you have a preferred method.

I hope that this article helps you understand how affiliate marketing works. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer. It simply takes a little marketing know-how and some time and dedication.

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A Look at Direct Mail and Online Marketing for Small Business Marketing

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Marketing and advertising plays a vital role in every small businesses. The fact is its important for the business owner to understand the need of his clients and formulate a strategy which will support those people needs. Marketing and advertising for any small business establishes the desire of the owners to grow and broaden their products or services. The use of junk mail and the web provides great opportunities to see organic growth of a small business. The following article looks at direct mail and online marketing for small businesses to reach a wide audience in cost effective and efficient ways.

Letterbox Mail

Letterbox deliveries is one of the best performing mediums of marketing for small business. It is competent at reaching an a number of buyers for only a few cents per letterbox. Radio, paper and television may perhaps be a pricey and hard to organize ways of advertisements for small business owners. To ensure that your advertising and marketing really creates increased traffic and plenty of attainable gross sales, you can look for firms that supply letterbox delivery within given areas. Specify your audience and organize letterbox circulation within each of those communities. Many businesses are offering cost efficient publications, circulation and design packages to cover anything from thousands to millions of catalogue delivery. For substantial circulations, it just takes a small number of responses to make the mail promotion profitable and get a return on investment.

Digital Marketing

When marketing for your small companies, typically the most popular method at the moment is through the net. Most small and large business entrepreneurs employ online advertising and here they try and give a discount for their consumers. This is a practical, easy approach to target the buyers needs regardless if see them in person or not. To get easily connected, you have to come up with an detailed site where people can look for your goods and services offered and your contacts and summary profile about your business. Your website should be used as your major point of contact on the net for your business. Internet promotion for the business is an effective and convenient solution to invite and interact with prospects. If you are a small business owners, you will want to think of effective methods or approaches to interact with prospects on-line. There can be various firms that can offer to get you more prospects through growing your online attractiveness.

Combine Direct Mail and Web Marketing

Another great approach in promotion for an enterprise is to set up a well-round strategy that combines print and website marketing. Taking this process allows you to cover just about all basis of where you are very likely to get in touch with your prospects. While a large number of people are on the net, there is still a great number who check out their mail. Combining mail and website marketing allows you greater opportunities to connect with individuals who may not find your enterprise within only one medium.

Work with other community merchants to co-promote your businesses with direct mail. This minimizes the expense of performing a letterbox campaign while still getting yourself a huge exposure in a great number of houses.

Afterwards, apply website marketing including social websites, search engines and internet mail to contact those same audiences using a regionally targeted method. If you co promoted with other businesses using mail, you can work together online also. Ask your partnering enterprises to promote your small business on their web updates, email address catalogues or back link off their site to your site while you do the equivalent for them. This further allows you to get through to prospects you may not generally have accessibility to exclusively.

Combined direct mail and internet for marketing a small venture involves creativity and partnerships to make your promotion go very much further in access as well expenses.

Use the combination of mail and the internet for great effect to grow your business and give it better exposure.

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Are Pizza Chains Crushing Your Small Pizza Business? Fight Back With Direct Mail!

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If you are being squeezed out of your own market by those big pizza chains, it’s time you took matters into your own hands in order to beat them at their own game. The only thing those big guys have on you at the moment, is better advertising, and you can easily win that battle. Fight back with direct mail! While they are so busy adhering to corporate standards and selling $5 pizzas, you are going to saturate your own market with direct mail pizza menus, brand your name to generate visibility, give people better quality food, and finally, the battle will be over once and for all.

Observe Their Promotions – Beat Them at Their Own Game

One of the ways those pizza conglomerates stay so competitive is to feed off each other’s advertising campaigns. Notice how one chain advertised the first pizza at full price and the second at a flat rate that was less than half the price. The next thing that happened is, the other major players launched their own campaigns with slight variations of the ‘buy one – get one half off’ technique. Ever seen a “$10 Any Pizza” promo? Of course you have because they all copy each other! Make your own similar coupon but add value with better quality food and service!

Zero in on the Target – Win Back Your Market

By advertising with direct mail you can zero in on your targeted market with better discounts, coupons, freebies or whatever incentive you want to promote that is specific to your area. Professional printers can help you hone in on your market by providing you with maps which can be reduced to particular zip codes or even more precise neighborhoods within those zip codes. You know your people – their wants and needs. Satisfy those needs and you will own your market.

Advertising with a Local ‘Flavor’

Those big chains don’t know what is happening in your neighborhood, but you do. Run specials that coincide with special events in your market area. Perhaps the high school basketball team is in the playoffs, or it’s founder’s day in your town. Advertise specials and promotions for major local events. That’s something the big chains can’t possibly do on a national level, and that is the greatest opportunity you will have to win one over on them. Direct mail brings the word right to the doorstep of consumers in your market, and tells them that YOU have best pizza in town, at competitive prices, and that you will done everything possible to serve them well at all times.

So many small pizza businesses are overwhelmed at the thought of competing with the big chains. Don’t let them crush you, because you have something they just don’t have, great pizza. Get the word out with direct mail pizza menus that highlight your best selling (and most profitable) menu items. Go on the all out attack with coupons, discounts and special promotional items. And keep at it until you own your market. Most of the time direct mail pizza menus cost less than the price of a postage stamp! What is it worth to you, to take back your market area?

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What is a Direct Marketing Campaign?

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Direct Marketing is the act of selling to an intended market. An effective Direct Marketing campaign brings your brand closer to targeted customers and creates customer action, through email, telemarketing or direct mail for example. Here’s a short summary to give you an idea of what this type of campaign is :

1. Why Direct Marketing?

Some marketing avenues reach out to a wider audience, where you won’t just be targeting the audiences interested in your product / service. These campaigns usually come at a higher cost and can result in a low ROI for your business. The beauty of a direct marketing campaign is that it is targeted so you are reaching out to those who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

2. What Are the Advantages?

By using DM you can also build better relationships with your customers as you are serving them with information about products or services which are related to them and their needs. You are also addressing them directly by name, rather than a bulk mail out (for example), which is most likely to be deemed irrelevant & thus ignored by the recipient.

You will also build up customer profiles in your database – which may well lead to more sales in the future for other products / services and also creates a loyal customer as they know that you know them so you are more likely to be their first port of call in the future.

Another advantage of a direct marketing campaign is that the success of it is measurable. DM includes a ‘call to action’ – Let’s say that you send out 1,000 leaflets with a coupon to come in to your store and redeem it for a ‘buy one get one free’ deal, that coupon is your ‘call to action’. If you get 650 people come in and redeem their voucher then you have a 65% success rate on your campaign and from here you can work out your Return on Investment (ROI).
Direct marketing will give you the convenience of a low cost campaign which will deliver impressive results.

3. Who Will Be Your Customers in a Direct Marketing Campaign?

Databases of contacts are the key in a DM campaign. For instance if you are a car parts shop, you might invite customers to join your mailing list so that they can be informed of any upcoming sales in advance of the general public. By doing this you will create a database of customers who you can potentially contact in the future.

4. How Will The Customer Receive The Information?

In this day and age we have communication sources such as email and SMS, however some of the more simple methods such as letters & leaflets etc can still be just as effective. You can make your method of delivering your message as creative as you would like – if you are a perfume company you might like to send out a small imitation of your perfume box for instance, which a customer can unfold and read your offer on the inside. Or you can be as traditional as you like – a simple postcard with a personally addressed message and a photo of your product on it might be an idea.

With so many options and so many different target markets you have a whole range of ideas to explore. There are many marketing companies who can help you with a direct marketing campaign which will be creative and most of all effective.

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