Printed Tapes Can Greatly Help To Promote Your Business

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Are you the owner of a business? If this is the case, you would definitely require different kinds of marketing tools to promote your product. Among the different types of marketing and promoting tools, the printed tapes are a popular option. With the help of this tool you would be able to make others aware of the existence of your business and at the same time spread your message across.

Printed tapes are available in different varieties and based on your requirement you can select the right one. However, the most common types of these tapes include the standard printed and the custom printed. In this article we would try to give you an overview of these broadly two different types of tapes that can serve your purposes in different ways than you can just think of.

If you go for the standard printed tapes, you would be able to get prints of standard texts. There are some standard texts that are perhaps required in almost all the major businesses. You can go for them if you think that these standard texts would serve your requirements. They are available in wide varieties of sizes and prints which can indeed suit large numbers of situations for your business.

On the other hand if you go for the custom adhesive printed tapes, you can be assured that you would be able to promote your products and services in better ways. As the name implies, you would be able to get customised designs and prints in them. At the same time, any kind of texts that goes well in accordance with your business and you think is best suitable can be made available through these customised options.

They are the effective solutions and can indeed bring about great success in your business. You can use them for wide varieties of purposes and the greatest fact is that they can enhance the security of your product. Though they are slightly expensive compared to that of the standard ones yet the value that you would get through it would definitely prove to be great.

Some of the printed tapes available can be either reflective adhesive tape or in some cases it can be available as double sided adhesive tape. Both of these types are sure to serve your purpose in different utilitarian ways. They would not cause any kind of damage to your product as a result of which you can expect to save a huge amount from it.

So, now you can be ready to promote your business in this new method by placing the logo of your business through these wide varieties of printed tapes.

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Essential Factors For A Successful GP Clinic Business Plan

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A successful GP clinic business plan has three key components:

Financial projections for the present and future of the company.
Marketing strategies.
Administrative procedures.

The first component is crucial to general practice owners, because it provides information on how much money is necessary to start up and maintain a new or existing practice. This part also discusses revenue sources such as fees charged by other healthcare providers where there may be referral agreements with them, or from direct billing for services rendered to patients with private insurance coverage or a provincial health plan.

The second component, marketing strategies, is about how to promote the company and attract patients through word of mouth, social media campaigns, advertising in print or broadcast mediums as well as telephone directories. This section also helps with developing appropriate signage for the outside of the premises which includes contact information such as phone number(s) and email address(es). In addition, it suggests methods that make people aware of offers made by the practice such as discounts on services during slow periods to boost business when revenue from patient fees may be less than expected.

The final part, defines administrative procedures including hiring new staff members where human resource policies are necessary for keeping employees motivated while maintaining standards related to patient care delivery; according to professional practice management consultants, management strategies are established here too because this is the part where the business owner describes how he or she will make use of resources and resolve problems within the practice.

Other things you need to include in your business plan are given below.

Identify your target market

Without identifying who your target market is, you will have a difficult time reaching your desired outcome. This step is important because it allows you to focus on what area of medicine you would like to specialize in and limits the competition that you may face. For example, if you are planning to open a family clinic, then your target market would be families with children who need preventive care services. However, if you were planning to open a specialized clinic for cancer patients, your target market would be individuals who have been recently diagnosed with cancer and their families.

You must also take into consideration the size of your target market. If you are targeting a small niche market, then your business plan may require more specific details than if you were targeting a large general population.

Analyse the competition in that industry

If there is an abundance of GP clinics in the area you intend to open your one, then there is going to be stiff competition. In this case, you need to have a clear differentiation strategy in order to set yourself apart from the others.

You will also want to analyse what services your competitors are providing and determine if there is room for you to provide additional services that aren’t being offered. This can help you attract more patients and increase your market share.

Finally, it is important to understand the competitive landscape so that you can price your services accordingly. You don’t want to charge too much or too little compared to your competitors; you want to find the right balance that will make your clinic profitable while still being affordable for patients.

Consider whether or not you are willing to put in the time it takes to run a successful GP clinic business

Time is a very important factor. As a general practice owner, you will be responsible for everything from running the business to providing patient care.

Ideally, a partner can help take some of this pressure off your shoulders, but it is important that they have experience in healthcare and understand what needs to be done. If you don’t want to deal with these responsibilities by yourself, consider hiring more than one employee so that each aspect is covered on an as-needed basis. It may also make sense to contact other clinics about outsourcing certain services or sharing personnel across multiple practices, depending on how busy you are at any given time.

Choose an appropriate location for your GP clinic, preferably somewhere with high foot traffic

The right location can mean success or failure for any business, and this is especially true for GP clinics. You will want to choose a spot that is easily accessible and has high foot traffic, as this will ensure that patients can find you easily.

The clinic should be located in an area with plenty of potential patients. If your clinic is situated in a rural town with few residents, it may not be successful. However, if you are located near a large city or suburb, you will have no trouble finding patients.

Find an effective way of marketing your services so people know about them; social media is a great place for this!

If you do not have a proper marketing plan then you will probably find it difficult to attract patients to your clinic. You need to find an effective way of letting people know about your services so they can come and see you. One great way to do this is through social media; make sure you have a strong online presence.

You should also consider advertising in local newspapers or magazines, or even on radio stations. If you are willing to spend the money, then TV ads could be a good option too. However, you should always do your research first and make sure that the return on investment (ROI) is worth it.

It is also important to have a good website that showcases your clinic and its services. This will act as a virtual brochure for potential patients and can help attract them to book appointments at your clinic.

The above are just some of the essential factors that should be included in a GP business plan. By taking these into account, you will be on your way to setting up a successful clinic that patients can rely on. Remember to do your research and always think about the ROI before making decisions.

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Five benefits of steel building construction

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As in many professions, performance is built upon a combination of education, training, experience and constant skill improvement. My career has progressed from a civil engineering technology education to working with the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute and American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) under the assurances of CWB certification and IAS accreditation. These have increased the confidence I have in recommending steel buildings for logistics needs within a wide range of industrial and manufacturing industries. The best structural standards ensure human safety and comfort while maintaining a fair cost of construction and strong, reliable designs that are built for the long term.

So, in over two-and-a-half decades of working with steel buildings, what have I learned?

Steel buildings withstand the stresses of earthquakes and weather incredibly well.
Building resilience to earthquakes may not be a prime consideration for every project location, but it’s certainly comforting knowing that steel buildings have been proven to be more resilient than traditional construction. Industry data and case studies support this fact. One post-earthquake analysis from New Zealand (Christchurch, February 2011) showed that “standard construction of concrete floors on steel decks supported on steel beams were about 2.5x more resilient than industry-led design had calculated.” The design of combining strong support columns and flexible beams allows steel buildings to move under ground stresses while remaining rigid under other strong-wind weather conditions. In buildings over three stories, lower floors in steel buildings are less likely to collapse due to how weight capacity is spread throughout the steel beam foundational structure. Your next building may not be built near a fault line, but if the area does receive a jolt from seismic activity (and even Ottawa and Southwestern Ontario are not immune), you’ll be happy your steel building is prepared to handle it.

Modern steel construction is designed to control damage.
Creating a strong armour against the outside elements is critical; protecting the valuable people and equipment inside is equally so. Steel frame construction is designed to control and manage damage in a way that allows the building to stay standing while people evacuate. It’s similar to how automobiles are designed to withstand a head-on collision while keeping the passengers safe. The car may get crumpled, but people walk away. Steel buildings use efficient engineering and design techniques so they can be quickly and cost-effectively repaired or replaced. Normal business activity can resume quickly. After an earthquake or weather event, companies are interested in getting their operations back to full function as soon as possible, with minimal repair costs. Steel structures and concrete floors help make this possible by remaining steadfast. The elements that bear the brunt of the damage are the ones that are the easiest, most inexpensive and quickest to repair.

Concrete and steel frameworks work together to make buildings stronger.
Traditional construction projects, and even some steel buildings, are managed in stages where concrete is first added to the foundation and then the steel structure is built on top. While this system makes sense by making project management more linear and easier to organize, steel buildings are more resilient when the concrete is poured around an already built steel framework. Of course, engineering methodology may depend on the nature of the site foundation, whether it is rock, gravel or sand, and will determine if the extra strength is warranted. Summit Steel integrates their foundation and framing processes together into their projects and so should your design and construction team. Designing to the local conditions and risks is a vital assessment in any initial project design.

Modern steel design is versatile.
Steel building design has come a long way in the last decade. They’re no longer the drab, square, oppressive minimalist construction people imagine. Using a steel structure accommodates a while range of contemporary architectural building shapes and designs. Residential designs (called “barndominiums” in some areas) and lake-view resorts are incorporating steel structural design to create beautiful, modern expressions with more open-space concepts and views that only lightweight framing allows. Clear spans can be more than 300 feet (91.44 metres) wide, and Bay spans can up to 40 feet (12.19 metres). Imagine all the possible unobstructed working space! These pre-engineered buildings (using versatile pre-insulated wall systems) can be designed, engineered and delivered directly to the job site regardless of how isolated they are. Traditional building can be, in some locations, prohibitive. Buildings made with steel framing do not require any cutting, welding or hole punching on site as it can be accomplished in off-site fabrication facilities and transported in. The engineering system provides a flexible and versatile solution regardless of location or whether your site is in a high snow, wind or seismic region or must be engineered to be erected in tight spaces within existing structures.

Steel building construction is cost-effective.
For large-scale projects in the lumber, mining, agricultural and cannabis industries, steel structures provide a less expensive alternative to traditional building. How? Prefabrication uses fewer materials, requires much lower labour costs, uses less concrete and creates far less waste (lower expense to haul away). Faster construction also yields less on builder’s risk insurance. Industry estimates suggest it can slash construction time by 33% and cost you much less to build in materials. Aside from the savings in construction time, a rigid-frame system with standing seam or screw-down solutions costs less and eliminates concerns about extra cost to enhance safety and performance. Building out for future capacity is a valuable investment. It sticks with you for a lifetime. Steel buildings offer an optimal design with your business in mind.

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5 Ways to Use Testimonials in Your Marketing

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This is an obvious message for some of you but is it for all of you? Are there areas you’re missing in your marketing where you could be utilizing testimonials in order to give you, your business and your products and services more credibility?

Using testimonials in your marketing in various ways is a F.R.E.E. way to compel people to buy from you so you really want to maximize your efforts.

First of course you have to HAVE testimonials to show. If you don’t have any then ASK your customers for them. If they drag their heels in getting them to you on their own then offer to write them for them if you have to and let them review and approve them. If you have customers that are business owners, offer to showcase their testimonial with their picture and website link on your website or in your ezine and they’ll get added exposure for their business just for helping you out.

If you have customers that want to keep their involvement with you kept secret or the services you provide are more embarrassing for many to admit to using for example then try getting testimonials from vendors, referral sources or other means for other things.

5 Ways to use Testimonials in Your Marketing:

1. Ezines
You may always want to put a testimonial in your ezines because it could be the only thing your subscribers see about you every once in a while. Whether they read every single issue or only one once in a while, if you always have a testimonial in them then that ONE day that ONE person decides to think about taking action with your products or services from one of your ezines it could very well help them make their decision if you have a really great testimonial in it.
Notice I always have a testimonial in my ezines right below the featured article, whether I wrote the article or if I’m using a guest article, it doesn’t matter. I trade them out about every 3 ezines in case you didn’t notice…I do have many and collect them all the time for this reason.

2. Website
You should always have testimonials on your website and I say it’s better to sprinkle them all over the site, on every page in boxes or side columns so they stand out rather than just putting them all on ONE testimonial page (which you can still have but put them everywhere too).

3. Direct Mail
You want to use testimonials even in your direct mailing like on oversized postcards, letters and flyers or anything you send to add credibility to whatever you’re trying to sell. (P.S. Hopefully you ARE still doing direct mail as a means of follow up even if you’re doing email marketing too!!)

4. Marketing Materials
You can put testimonials on your brochures (if you still have them), your handouts, flyers and anything in print you use to promote your business with. Testimonials are actually more important to show here than bullet points of your products or services; those should be on your website because most people will look at your website before taking action with you anyway and one marketing piece sure isn’t going to sell them. So use testimonials to give them an incentive to actually go to your site for more info.

5. Ads
If you’re still doing some sort of traditional advertising (it’s still a good way to market for some businesses, but typically not entrepreneurs like coaches, consultants, etc.) then the same thing goes for testimonials in your ads like I mentioned in #4 above. People are less likely these days to buy your stuff from an ad but your ad if done well and compelling enough could lead them to your website where you can get them on the list and encourage them more to take action.

Another thing to consider when gathering your testimonials is to try getting them in other formats rather than just the written word. You can have your customer read their testimonial into an audio recording service with their phone even. You can videotape your clients when you meet with them or have them videotape themselves and send you the file. With videos then you can even upload them to your YouTube, MySpace and Facebook profiles in addition to your website.

The more creative you can get the more they will work for you.

My favorite thing to do whenever I can is to brainstorm with entrepreneurs on how they can design, update, recreate or shift their businesses and implement new marketing strategies in order to be happier, live a more fulfilled life and do the things they are passionate about that can make them a very good living if set up correctly.

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Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistake and How to Avoid Them

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and also the most lucrative way of earning passive income online. In affiliate marketing the merchant only pays the affiliate whenever someone he refer takes action i.e. whenever the customer makes a purchase which make the whole program a win-win affair for both merchant and the affiliate. In other word the merchant making a sale and the affiliate earning an income from the sales that he initiated.

However before one venture into affiliate marketing, it is better to understand the hiccups that surround it so as to know how to avoid some certain pitfall.


Most affiliate fail to do market research before choosing an affiliate product to promote. They tends to make money fast as soon possible from the whole scheme. For you to really make money repeatedly from affiliate marketing you have to choose a niche that you have a liking for. The basic reason for these is that it is more easier to work in the market you enjoy and know something about.

Choose a niche that is appealing to you and do some market research on it to be able to ascertain that their is high demand on it.


Take time to find out if the merchant you are promoting his product is not promoting the same product with you. This is because every sales refer directly by the merchant is a loss to the affiliate. To really know if a merchant is competing with his affiliate, you can make use of the Google search engine by typing your market niche into the search engine and look through the result that springs up critically to see if the merchant has a lot of pay per clicks advertisement or other promotional items. You will be able to tell if the merchant is competing with his affiliate as he will direct his prospect through a direct link and not an affiliate link.


In other to make a lot of sales, make sure the sales page of the merchant has a solid copy writing, attention grabbing headlines that makes you want to read more. The reason behind this is because the more benefit that is being reveal through the sales page, the easier it will be for the customer to dig into his wallet to make a purchase.


As an affiliate promoting a product, for you to be able to provide an unbiased valuable information about the benefit its users will enjoy is for you to have already tested the product to see if it meets your own needs. Buying and using the product yourself will make you a living testimony that its deliver what it promise.

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How to Achieve the Know, Like and Trust Factor While Marketing Online

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It’s been repeated so many times and in so many way that it has now become a mantra – People do business with people they know, like and trust. This statement applies to both offline and online Marketing and Sales.

Getting to know you, learning to like you, and building trust are all emotional reactions. It takes time to develop these emotions and reactions; time during which a relationship has to be cultivated and developed. Let’s compare this to a farmer who takes a barren plot of land, tills and fertilizes the soil, plants the seed, cares for the seedlings and growing plants so that eventually he is rewarded with a bountiful crop. In a similar way as business owners we have to develop this type of mindset in cultivating relationships. The results may not be apparent immediately, but will come over time. Here are four suggestions that have worked for many:

1) Be authentic. Each person has his or her own unique style in online marketing. However, it is important to show that you are a real person with emotions and imperfections. Do not be afraid to reveal some of your weaknesses and how you overcame or corrected them. People will be drawn to you as they will see that you experienced challenges that may be similar to theirs but you prevailed, and so can they. What is more, because you revealed some of yourself to your current and potential customers and clients, they will understand that you trust them; in turn they will give you their trust.

2) Listen to others. This may be easier to implement in offline settings with direct contact, but with a little ingenuity can be applied to online marketing by using surveys, e-mails, opinion polls, and feedback to questions.

3) Thank people for their input. Showing appreciation is very important in cultivating relationships. This is equally valuable when marketing online. A comment on your blog, a response to any of the above in 2) a compliment or other positive interactions in Social Media, like Twitter should be acknowledged. Send a follow-up e-mail, a Thank You card or a Direct Message, or any other method you may find effective.

4) Provide assistance in solving a problem. Send a free report, a free CD, a link to a free Teleseminar, or perhaps a link to another person’s website who may be in a better position to provide the needed help.

When you give first in online marketing your potential clients and existing clients will understand and appreciate that you really care about others and are concerned about providing value. The result is that you will more likely have people who want to do business with you and who may actively seek you out so that you become the Hunted rather than the Hunter.

Yvonne A Jones is a Solo Entrepreneur and Direct Sales Relationship Marketing Coach. She’s passionate about helping small business owners and solo-professionals to see the value of cultivating long-term relationships with their Customers and Clients. She’s also a Skin Care and Image Consultant who enjoys working with women to align their beauty on the outside with their beauty inside.

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Direct Sales – How to Write Effective Recruiting Ads

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I have been recruiting in Direct Sales since 1989. In the 20 years I have been in Direct Sales, I have recruited over 500+ men and women.

I think when it comes to recruiting, you need to sit down and write yourself 2-3 effective recruiting ads that you can use to market your Direct Sales Business Opportunity.

Here are some of my tips for writing an effective Direct Sales Recruiting Ad.

1. I state my Company name several times in my business ad. I think its important to not have a “blind company name” in your business ad. Readers who read your business ad, want to know upfront what company you are with.

2. I list all start up costs involved. I don’t have my reader guessing what the costs are. A reader has the right to know this information upfront without contacting you to obtain it.

3. Quotas: If your company has quotas, it should be listed in your business opportunity ad. Readers who find out after they are already talking to you a lot of times feel mislead if this is not clearly stated.

4. Business Slang Terms. Not everyone who reads your business opportunity ad will be familiar with common business slang terms. You need for your ad to be in clear understandable english.

5. Do not over hype your business opportunity. Why? a. It can scare people off into thinking its a scam or too good to be true and they move on. b. If they fail at the business opportunity, they will turn around and blame you, saying you said you could make XYZ in a certain amount of time and so forth. Always state reasonable commissions about the business opportunity. A lot of the Direct Sales companies will provide you with the national average on sales.

6. Ad Length: Too often these days I see tons of 3 sentence online business opportunity ads that say 2 sentences about the opportunity and the third sentence says contact me for more info. That is a very unprofessional ad. Your ad needs to provide the reader with concise info about the opportunity you are advertising, in the same respect, don’t make it too long where they lose interest. They want to read an AD, not a book!

7. Proof Read your business opportunity ad or have someone else do it. Typos and Grammar mistakes look unprofessional!

8. Know the business opportunity INSIDE and OUT! Nothing looks more unprofessional to a recruit lead that starts asking you questions and you don’t know the answer. I feel if you are going to be recruiting you should know your business company very well. I once had a girl that was 32 hours old in her company try to recruit me into it. That was a big turn off for me. I am not saying you have to be there for years, what I am saying is you should know everything there is to know about that business opportunity before recruiting others into your company.

9. Don’t overload your Recruiting Ad with graphics. A lot of older computers can not handle dozens of graphics. Keep it simple. One banner will suffice.

10. When I make changes to my Ads, I like to get a few friends to look over it for me. A lot of times they will give you great advice on changes that should be made that you didn’t think of.

11. When you decide to recruit, You need to realize that you will have to set aside time to help train any new recruits you get. Its not right to go on a recruiting blitz and then dump them all onto your Upline Manager. Its your responsibility to take time out to help train your recruits and do so effectively. All of this takes time and patience and if you are not going to be dedicated with your time, you shouldn’t recruit!

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Affiliate Marketing Revenue – How to Generate It

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Affiliate marketing revenue is the term given for money that is made by an individual through affiliate marketing techniques and methods. Affiliate marketing is an Internet based type of marketing by which a business or company will financially reward individuals for driving traffic to their website in the hope that this will be converted into sales. Affiliates are free to use any form of Internet marketing (much of which is placed on the affiliate’s own website or blog) that will help them to secure the maximum amount of traffic for the company or business that they are affiliated with.

There are various ways in which an individual can generate affiliate income which include:

· Banner ads placed on websites or blogs.
· E-mail marketing.
· Links on affiliate webpages which will direct visitors back to the seller’s website.

The company that an affiliate works for will provide affiliates with their own personalized HTML code which will link sales of visitors directly to them. For each unique visitor or sale that is made as a direct result of an affiliate’s efforts the affiliate will be financially rewarded. Sometimes this is a set fee or a percentage based on the amount of each sale at an affiliate is responsible for.

By being an affiliate for several different companies an individual has the potential to generate substantial affiliate revenue for themselves. So if you want to do this you need to have your own website and blogs and then start to find out which companies have affiliate programs. When you have found affiliate programs that meet your needs, simply sign up to them and that place the HTML code given to you by the company on your website and blogs. Then you can sit back and wait for your affiliate revenue to start building up.

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Massive Website Traffic – How to Direct Hundreds of Interested Buyers to Your Site

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The following technique is something every internet marketer needs to master. Use it to create a steady flow of visitors anxious for the information you provide, but more importantly, anxious to purchase any products or services you offer.

It’s called “Article Writing.” Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are very interested in well-written, quality articles.

When you write informative articles that share, review, explain or investigate certain topics, products, or events and submit them to different article directories, three things will happen.

1- You will drive traffic to your website from a specific target market
2- You will establish credibility as an authority or “Expert” in your specific or niche market.
3- You will improve your rankings on the major search engines.

It is important to not only write content rich and informative articles, but to also be sure to submit them to the article directories that will provide you with the greatest amount of exposure. There are literally hundreds of article directories out there. However, Google seems to favor the following directories: Ezine Articles, GoArticles, Buzzle, Searchwarp, and Squidoo.

I have had better success and received higher rankings with the major search engines like Google by posting my articles to the directories mentioned above.

Article directories will not allow you to post articles that are a blatant sales pitch that directly promotes a business or product that you offer. It works more like a “Give and Take.” The “Give” is for your readers, and the “Take” is for you.

The “Give” is the content of your article. You “Give” away free and valuable information that delivers on the promise of your article title. The “Give” part does not allow you to provide any self-serving links to websites or blogs of your own.

The “Take” is all about you. The “Take” is what is called the Author Resource Box. This is where you briefly tell about yourself, your business, products, or services. It is also where you will provide a self-serving link to direct the reader to your website.

A little tip that will improve your rankings for particular keywords is to hyper-link your target keyword instead of putting a generic link. Let me elaborate; if your niche market is “Domain Names,” you would hyper-link the keywords “Domain Names” in your Author Resource Box. Google sees this as anchor text and will rank your website higher for whatever keywords you hyper-link.

As you create new, well-written articles daily or weekly, you will establish yourself as an expert and a source of credibility within your niche market. Who will people do business with? Those that they know, like, or trust. Build your credibility by submitting quality articles and your prospective buyers will begin to trust you more and more. They might even get the feeling that they are getting to know you and maybe even like you. And that, my friend, is good for business.

Get busy writing and submitting articles and good luck!

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Realtor Postcards – A Quick Guide to Postcard Marketing Basics For Every Real Estate Agent

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Of all the direct mail options available, postcards tend to be the most effective format. They communicate a message clearly, while still being affordable. Postcards are simpler in design, less complicated to print, and are easily mailed without needing to be folded, packaged, or otherwise manipulated.

Why Is Postcard marketing important?
Postcard marketing is not merely a proven marketing tool, it’s a form of marketing that offers several unique benefits.

Postcards work. Not only do they reach a tightly targeted audience, but they get read. Unlike sales letters and brochures, a postcard doesn’t need to be opened, making them that much easier to read. A well designed, professionally printed card will attract the eye with an appealing image and make a simple and direct offer. This approach allows you to make a strong first impression, and makes a good postcard impossible to ignore.

Marketing plans need affordable options, and postcards top the list. Costing as low as pennies apiece, postcards provide you with an effective, targeted promotional tool for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. On top of their low price, they are also cheap to mail – it’s actually cheaper to mail your advertisement as a postcard than it is it to send a letter.

Postcards are simple to test and optimize. Postcard marketing provides you with an advertising strategy that is simple to test on a small scale, but use at a higher level. Testing response can be done with small batches of a hundred or two hundred cards. Once you find an approach that works well, that same design can be mailed out to many hundred, even thousands.

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