What is a Direct Marketing Campaign?

Direct Marketing is the act of selling to an intended market. An effective Direct Marketing campaign brings your brand closer to targeted customers and creates customer action, through email, telemarketing or direct mail for example. Here’s a short summary to give you an idea of what this type of campaign is :

1. Why Direct Marketing?

Some marketing avenues reach out to a wider audience, where you won’t just be targeting the audiences interested in your product / service. These campaigns usually come at a higher cost and can result in a low ROI for your business. The beauty of a direct marketing campaign is that it is targeted so you are reaching out to those who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

2. What Are the Advantages?

By using DM you can also build better relationships with your customers as you are serving them with information about products or services which are related to them and their needs. You are also addressing them directly by name, rather than a bulk mail out (for example), which is most likely to be deemed irrelevant & thus ignored by the recipient.

You will also build up customer profiles in your database – which may well lead to more sales in the future for other products / services and also creates a loyal customer as they know that you know them so you are more likely to be their first port of call in the future.

Another advantage of a direct marketing campaign is that the success of it is measurable. DM includes a ‘call to action’ – Let’s say that you send out 1,000 leaflets with a coupon to come in to your store and redeem it for a ‘buy one get one free’ deal, that coupon is your ‘call to action’. If you get 650 people come in and redeem their voucher then you have a 65% success rate on your campaign and from here you can work out your Return on Investment (ROI).
Direct marketing will give you the convenience of a low cost campaign which will deliver impressive results.

3. Who Will Be Your Customers in a Direct Marketing Campaign?

Databases of contacts are the key in a DM campaign. For instance if you are a car parts shop, you might invite customers to join your mailing list so that they can be informed of any upcoming sales in advance of the general public. By doing this you will create a database of customers who you can potentially contact in the future.

4. How Will The Customer Receive The Information?

In this day and age we have communication sources such as email and SMS, however some of the more simple methods such as letters & leaflets etc can still be just as effective. You can make your method of delivering your message as creative as you would like – if you are a perfume company you might like to send out a small imitation of your perfume box for instance, which a customer can unfold and read your offer on the inside. Or you can be as traditional as you like – a simple postcard with a personally addressed message and a photo of your product on it might be an idea.

With so many options and so many different target markets you have a whole range of ideas to explore. There are many marketing companies who can help you with a direct marketing campaign which will be creative and most of all effective.

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